tomboydeborah said: Hi - I just found your blog. I just finished high school and I'm currently on withdrawal from swimming. My season ended in May and I haven't done anything competitive-swimming related since. Fortunately, my coach gave me a job working at her summer camp teaching special needs kids to swim. Anyway - getting to my point - with you being 18, 1) are you currently/planning to attend University and 2) will you continue to swim during Uni?

Hey there anon!

1) Yes I do go university, I attend University of Queensland in Australia. I study a science degree with a biochemistry and molecular biology major.
2) At first it was a bit difficult to manage swimming and uni, but it gets a lot easier once you’re into the uni routine. With Australian universities you only attend six months a year part time, so I have the other six months to knuckle down with my swimming.

With all that being said, it just comes down to whether you want to keep swimming. I know that I’m not going to make a career out of swimming, so the moment is clashes with my uni I put it on hold. But I completely vouch for the competitive swimming urge, it can be a lot to deal with, but I promise you’ll find your feet and it’ll all pan out as you want it

Friday Jul 11 @ 07:22pm
In marshalling chatting to the person who is faster than you

Wednesday Jul 9 @ 04:30am
Getting towards the end of the main set like

Tuesday Jul 8 @ 04:30am
When someone says that they didn’t skip laps but finished before you


Monday Jul 7 @ 08:42am
Pretending to be sick to get out of training

Monday Jun 30 @ 04:30am
Moving around after a hard kick set like


Sunday Jun 29 @ 10:04pm
Finishing a tough pull set like

Friday Jun 27 @ 04:30am
Conditioning your hair and now your cap won’t stay on

Thursday Jun 26 @ 04:30am
When the coach says you have to lead the lane

Wednesday Jun 25 @ 09:07pm

Sunday Jun 15 @ 06:04pm
Trying to get water out of your ear

Sunday Jun 15 @ 05:21pm
When people ask how your training is going

Thursday Jun 12 @ 04:30am
Seeing that a meet clashes with your other plans

Wednesday Jun 11 @ 04:31am
Skipping a training session in order to sleep

Tuesday Jun 10 @ 10:21am
Having PE at school after morning training

Thursday Jun 5 @ 05:57am

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