Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I have been so inactive the past few weeks, university has been keeping me under wraps. But good news on the academic front: so far this semester I have gotten straight 7’s (high distinction) and 6’s (distinction) in all of my subjects. For those who are interested, I take:
• Advanced chemistry
• Analysis of scientific data
• Cells to Organisms (medical biology II)

Saturday Sep 27 @ 08:57am
Stalking people after a swim meet

Wednesday Sep 24 @ 04:30am
When the pre-race nerves kick in

Tuesday Sep 23 @ 03:25pm
When the coach is in a bad mood and makes the set harder

Tuesday Aug 19 @ 08:50pm
"Have fun at your swimming lesson"

Friday Aug 8 @ 04:34am
Looking at who you’re swimming against at a meet

Monday Aug 4 @ 04:30am
Getting to the wall and hearing the end of a conversation

Sunday Aug 3 @ 10:42pm
Saturday Aug 2 @ 06:14pm
Watching the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony like

Thursday Jul 24 @ 08:17am
In marshalling chatting to the person who is faster than you

Wednesday Jul 9 @ 04:30am
Getting towards the end of the main set like

Tuesday Jul 8 @ 04:30am
When someone says that they didn’t skip laps but finished before you


Monday Jul 7 @ 08:42am
Pretending to be sick to get out of training

Monday Jun 30 @ 04:30am
Moving around after a hard kick set like


Sunday Jun 29 @ 10:04pm
Finishing a tough pull set like

Friday Jun 27 @ 04:30am

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