Trying to stay awake in class after morning training

Friday Apr 18 @ 08:46pm
Every coach’s pre-race speech

Sunday Apr 13 @ 11:26am
When someone touches your feet

Saturday Apr 12 @ 04:30am
Coming back to training after having time off

Friday Apr 11 @ 08:57am

This video is the best thing ever

Friday Apr 11 @ 04:31am
Looking at the time and realising you have training in the morning

Thursday Apr 10 @ 04:30am
Leaving after a hard training session

Wednesday Apr 9 @ 09:15pm
Waking up for training in the morning

Wednesday Apr 2 @ 08:16pm

Good luck to everyone swimming at YMCA nationals and the Australian Swimming Championships (Commonwealth trials!)
Give it all you’ve got and leave nothing in the tank

Tuesday Apr 1 @ 09:39am
Tuesday Mar 25 @ 09:27pm
They say a man can go three days without water to survive clearly they’ve never met a swimmer
Albert Einstein was quoted by saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
Well I guess you can call us crazy
The Swimmer Mentality 🙌 (via swimmersknow) Tuesday Mar 25 @ 07:11pm
Jumping in the pool and remembering you left your water bottle in your bag

Tuesday Mar 25 @ 04:30am
When someone is on the blocks and they twitch

Monday Mar 24 @ 04:37am
When you get to the wall and the coach says you have another set

Sunday Mar 23 @ 06:36am
After the coach has finished explaining the main set


Saturday Mar 8 @ 02:02pm

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